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Metsähovi caught a strong sun spot in solar map video

27.10.2014 A video made of Metsähovi solar maps reveals the largest sun spot in 24 years.

Postdoctoral researcher Talvikki Hovatta joins Metsähovi

01.08.2014 Doctor Hovatta is joining the Metsähovi team to continue her research on polarization and magnetic fields of active galactic nuclei.

Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observatory measures the strongest Solar event so far in the current Solar cycle

11.06.2014 On June 10, 2014, Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observatory measured the strongest burst so far in the current Solar cycle in an active region, a Sunspot, called AR12087. Its strength was classified as X2.2 and it was proceeded with another strong burst with a strength of X1.5. The type X bursts are the strongest of all Solar bursts. The time of occurrence of the two events were 11:36-11:42 UT and 12:36-12:52 UT. It is highly atypical that such strong bursts follow each other within a short time period as this.

Metsähovi participated in a 3-year project NEXPReS concluded in June

11.07.2013 Metsähovi Radio Observatory participated in a three year project NEXPReS (Novel EXplorations Pushing Robust e-VLBI Services) concluded at the end of June, 2013.

Solar prominence activity observed

27.06.2012 Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observatory captured images of solar prominence activity on the Suns limb.

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