Main instruments

Metsähovi operates multiple instruments for studying the universe in radio frequencies. In addition to two radio telescopes and their receivers, Metsähovi also runs two extremely accurate hydrogen maser clocks and specialized computers for interferometric observations.

14-metre radio telescope

The largest instrument in Metsähovi is the 13,7-metre radio telescope.The telescope is a crucial tool in many projects, such as solar studies, extragalactic radio source observations and international interferometric observations. The telescope is located inside a protective radome that shields the telescope from wind, rain, snow and solar heating.

Metsähovi 14-metre radio telescope

Solar monitoring instruments

The 1,8-metre solar telescope is used for continuous monitoring of the Sun's radio emission. Unlike the 13.7-metre telescope the solar antenna is located outside and it tracks the Sun from sunrise to sunset.

The e-Callisto system is a part of an international project for monitoring the Sun in low radio frequencies. The system consists of two antennas and of computers analyzing the received signals. The e-Callisto antennas piggyback on the 1,8-metre solar antenna, assuring they are pointed to the Sun throughout the day.

Metsähovi 1.8-metre solar telescope and e-Callisto antennas


Receivers used for radio astronomical observations are described in the their own page here.

VLBI equipment

The equipment used for Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) observations is described here.

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