How to study radio astronomy

Radio astronomy is part of the Space Science and Technology major of the new Master's programme in Nano and Radio Sciences. We also offer topics for Bachelor's and Master's theses and supervise doctoral candidates.

We give hands-on education on radio astronomy also to students from other universities, and teach in LUMA courses. In addition we give lectures, for example, at amateur astronomy club seminars.

Courses given by Metsähovi staff

For a thesis topic, see e.g. the projects related to the "Metsähovi Compact Array" telescope project, or contact us at metsahovi [at] aalto [dot] fi .

Student theses from recent years:

Doctoral theses

  • Koljonen, Karri (Aalto ELEC, 2013): The multiwavelength spectral and timing nature of the microquasar Cygnus X-3
  • Kallunki, Juha (University of Turku, 2013): Studies of Solar Activity with Emphasis on Quasi-Periodic Oscillations
  • Uunila, Minttu (Aalto ELEC, 2013): Improving geodetic VLBI: UT1 accuracy, latency of results, and data quality monitoring
  • Molera Calvés, Guifré (Aalto ELEC, 2012): Radio Spectroscopy and Space Science with VLBI Radio Telescopes for Solar System Research

Master's theses

  • A K M Monsurul Alam (Aalto ELEC, 2017): Design and Analysis of a Wideband Feed for Metsähovi Compact Array
  • Haarto, Sam (Aalto ELEC, 2016): A 22 GHz prototype receiver for continuous comparison polarimetry
  • Ranta, Mikael (Aalto ELEC, 2015): Multifrequency Analysis of Solar Radio Bursts at Metsähovi Radio Observatory
  • Saari, Ville (Aalto ELEC, 2015): Monitoring the radio frequency interference in radio astronomical measurements using software radio
  • Salminen, Tomi (Aalto SCI, 2015): Flexible and transparent buffering of radio astronomy measurements: VLBI-streamer and Flexbuff
  • Anjum, Muhammad (University of Turku, 2014): Nonlinear SSC Modelling of Blazars
  • Oksman, Miika (Aalto SCI, 2013): Extremal analysis of irregularly sampled time series
  • Lavonen, Niko (Aalto SCI, 2013): User centered evaluation and design for improving the usability of the quasar observation system for a radio telescope
  • Järvelä, Emilia (University of Helsinki, 2013): Multifrequency study of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 galaxies
  • Kareinen, Niko (Aalto ENG, 2012): Geodetic Very Long Baseline Interferometry and the effects of Tohoku Earthquake - Case analysis of Tsukuba station
  • Porko, Juha-Pekka (Aalto ELEC, 2011): Radio frequency interference in radio astronomy

Bachelor's theses

  • Liukkonen, Janne (Aalto ELEC, 2017): Supermassiivisten mustien aukkojen massanmääritys
  • Hepo-oja, Antti (Aalto ELEC, 2016): Aktiivisen galaksiytimen rakenne
  • Hanski, Erkka (Aalto ELEC, 2015): Supermassiivisen mustan aukon ja kaasupilven kohtaaminen
  • Oksanen, Arttu (Aalto ELEC, 2014): Aktiivisten galaksien monitaajuushavaintojen visualisointi kolmessa ulottuvuudessa
  • Koskimaa, Petri (Aalto ELEC, 2013): Älyllisen elämän etsimisen menetelmät
  • Nordling, Kalle (Aalto ELEC, 2012): Aktiivisten galaksiytimien suihkujen keskeiset säteilymekanismit


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